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Sunflower Naturals Blog
Realistic natural solutions for your body, home and life.
The posts in the Sunflower Naturals Blog provide you with the information you need so you know *why* we need to move away from chemically-saturated products to natural solutions for body care and cleaning. Sources of information include the U.S. Food and Drug administration, National Institute of Health and Human Services, the National Library of Medicine and major media outlets from around the world.
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How to Help Reduce Animal Testing
You can play a major role in reducing animal testing by choosing cleaning and body care solutions that contain ingredients that are *known* to be safe and effective.
Keywords: animal, testing, tested, reduce, ban, illegal, pros, cons
Child with inhaler
Household Chemicals Increase Asthma Risk
2011 CDC reports asthma increased from 2.5% to 7.3% adults/ 3.5% to 9.4% children from 1980 to 2008. Studies show household chemicals may be responsible.
Keywords: asthma, causes, rate, deaths, children, prevalence, prevent, symptoms
Woman relaxing in tub
Health Benefits of a Bath
Relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize, stimulate circulation and clear your lymph system - all with a simple bath.
Keywords: bath, healing, treatment, health, circulation, aromatherapy, oil, benefit
Bath Salts
Benefits of Nature
Links to studies on the National Library of Medicine web site showing the benefits of natural ingredients such as oats, coconut oi and mineral salts.
Keywords: colloidal oats, caffeine, coconut oil, epsom salt, honey, dead sea salt
Symbol for BPA plastic
The Obviously Toxic Bisphenol A
Canada, and some other countries, have declared BPA toxic. However, in the United States, officials continue to say that more studies are needed.
Keywords: bisphenol, bisfenol, BPA, plastic, effects, free, containers, food
Breast Cancer Awareness advertisement
The Reality of Breast Cancer
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING! View studies that show which environmental toxins are increasing the risk of breast cancer so you can reduce your risk.
Keywords: nih, breast, cancer, risks, environment, bpa, bisphenol, reduce
coffee beans
Caffeine and Skin Cancer Studies
Java Junkies Rejoice: New studies hosted on the National Library of Medicine show that skin cancer risk can be cut 50 to 70% with topical and oral caffeine.
Keywords: caffeine, skin cancer, skin, cancer, melanoma, cure, prevention
Child with inhaler
We Know At Least One Cause of Asthma
Scientists had to figure out the cause of asthma before developing drugs to control symptoms. Know what is causing asthna so you can reduce your risk.
Keywords: asthma, cause, cure, prevention, incidence, pollution, cleaning, risk
CFL bulb
CFL vs Incandescent
CFL bulbs have been touted as the solution to reducing energy use in the home. But where is the savings if the environment and health of those in the home are put at risk?
Keywords: cfl, broken, danger, bulb, incandescent, disposal, savings, recycle
Pregnant mamma with daughter
Chemicals to Avoid While Pregnant
Results of long-term studies are completed on the health risks to the mother and child from exposure to certain household chemicals during pregnancy.
Keywords: chemical, avoid, pregnancy, while, pregnant, household, bpa, bisphenol
How is Chemical Saturation of Consumer Goods Legal?
Products that contain endocrine disrupting chemicals saturate consumer goods and our food and water supply. How is this legal?
Keywords: natural, cleaning, skin, care, body, organic, non-toxic, recipe
Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning Tips for People with Asthma and/or Allergies
This year, you may want to clean without leaving a chemical haze in your home - especially if you have asthma or allergies.
Keywords: spring, cleaning, clean, tips, asthma, allergies, green, natural
Coconut and flower
Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer
In addition to being an effective natural moisturizer, coconut oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Keywords: coconut, oil, benefits, skin, moisturizer, purchase, buy, recipes
Honey Pineapple
Natural Honey Pineapple Cough Syrup
Free recipe for natural cough syrup with honey and pineapple. Pineapple contains bromelain, which studies have shown effective to relieve congestion.
Keywords: cold, cough, congestion, natural, syrup, sore, throat, remedy
Checking insulin
Environmental Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes prevalence increased from .09% to 8.3% in 60 years. Certain chemicals in common household consumer goods may be part of the reason for the incredible increase.
Keywords: environment, environtmental, risk, factors, type, two, II, diabetes
Emergency room entrance
Hospital Emergency Room Closures
As emergency rooms close, time in transit and long waits can result in hoping you or your child receives treatment in time.
Keywords: hospital, emergency, room, department, er, accidental, ingestion, children
Cancer and the Endocrine System
The endocrine system regulates all cells in the body. Chemicals that interfere with cell behavior may cause cancer.
Keywords: endocrine, cell, hormone, cancer, system, disruptor, disrupter
Safe cleaning and body care choices
Safe for Your Family and The Environment
How to choose safe cleaning and body care products for your family.
Keywords: environment, safe, clean, household, cosmetic, house, home, make-up
Eucerin, Dermabase, Vanicream Increase Tumor Growth
New studies show that Eucerin, Dermabase and Vanicream increase the number and size of skin cancer tumors.
Keywords: eucerin, dermabase, vanicream, skin, cancer, melanoma, cure, prevention
Reduce exposure to chemicals
Seven (7) Easy Ways to Reduce Chemical Exposure in Daily Life
This list of strategies to reduce exposure to risky chemicals in consumer goods will greatly reduce exposure without much effort and save money, too.
Keywords: easy, reduce, chemical, exposure, daily, life, home, household
Female fertility
Environmental Causes of Female Infertility Problems
Exposure to common household chemicals is associated with increased risk of PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriages.
Keywords: miscarriage, endometriosis, polycystic, ovarian, syndrome, bisphenol, phthalate, paraben
Folate and Folic Acid
Folic Acid Is Good but Too Much is Bad
Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects and bpa toxicity, but too much is a bad thing.
Keywords: folic, acid, benefits, food, folate, toxicity, pregnancy, prenatal
Formaldehyde Exposure Risks
Formaldehyde remains in numerous consumer goods, including baby shampoo at rates hundreds of times higher than the threshold set by the OSHA.
Keywords: formaldehyde, cancer, asthma, environment, risk, health, effect, eczema
Cure for Phthalate Ester-Induced Asthma May Be On the Horizon
Researchers at the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan have found that ginger may reverse the effects of phthalate ester-induced asthma.
Keywords: phthalate, asthma, children, rate, prevalence, development, information
Solution to Health Care Crisis
The healthcare crisis can be solved by removing chemicals from consumer products that increase the risk of long-term medical conditions.
Keywords: health, care, healthcare, crisis, legislation, solution, cancer, asthma
Organizations against carcinogens in consumer goods
List of Natural Organizations and Articles
List of major media articles and organizations devoted to educating consumers about the health risks associated with chemical exposure.
Keywords: chemical, exposure, safety, risk, assessment, consumer, product, organizations
Male fertility
Environmental Causes of Male Fertility Problems
Men may be able to increase fertility by improving sperm quality and quantity if they reduce exposure to common household chemicals.
Keywords: causes, male, infertility, fertility, sperm, men, problems, increase
Chemicals and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Natural solutions may provide relief for symptoms for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
Keywords: multiple, chemical, sensitivity, allergy, syndrome, sensititivites, disorder, illness
Toxic meat
Why is Meat and Fat Bad?
People used to eat lard and not have the health problems we have today. What changed in our food supply? Why is meat and fat bad for us now?
Keywords: environment, chemical, contaminate, meat, cheese, egg, food

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