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Johnson & Johnson FINALLY Removes KNOWN Carcinogens from 100 BABY care products such as shampoo, soap and lotion.
Easily switch from nasty carcinogenic chemically saturated products to cheap, effective non-toxic natural solutions with my books, Non-Toxic Body Care and Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide. They provide you with over 100 cheap, easy and effective natural cleaning and body care solutions for you to get the chemicals out of your home.
Non-Toxic Body CareNon-Toxic Body Care
Natural body care solutions are proven effective, without risky chemicals.
Non-Toxic Body CareNon-Toxic Cleaning Guide
It is possible to have a really clean, great-smelling home, without the chemical haze.
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Non-Toxic Body Care
Table of Contents:

Introduction and Information:
Tips, Tools and Techniques
Base Supplies
Blending Essential Oils
Natural home remedies for:
dry skin
stinky feet
razor burn
keratosis pilaris
Natural recipes to make:
hand sprays
spray and powder deodorants
bath and body oils
bath salts
bath fizzies
Resources and References:
Essential Oil Reference

Sunflower Naturals Non-Toxic Body Care
Welcome to the Natural World!
Open your life to a world of natural body care based on 15 years of solution research through the National Library of Medicine. Discover how inexpensive and easy it is to care for your body without petroleum chemicals so you can reduce risks associated with synthetic body care products such as breast cancer, skin cancer and contact dermatitis.
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The recipes are made with ingredients that have scientific studies to back up their effectiveness. Ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, essential oils, sunflower oil, coconut oil and many others that are inexpensive, non-toxic, 'alternatives' yet effective at bringing out your natural beauty. Please read, Scientific Benefits of Natural Ingredients for details about the scientific benefits of natural ingredients.
Natural homemade solutions are extremely inexpensive, gentle and non-irritating - the perfect choice for sensitive skin. They work without the risks of chemicals such as phthalates (synthetic fragrance and plasticizer for a smooth-flowing product) which studies have shown to increase asthma and allergy symptoms, parabens (a synthetic preservative) which increases the risk of breast cancer. Recent studies show the mineral oil, which is a byproduct of manufacturing gasoline, is absorbed through the skin and increases the risk of a variety of cancers, leukemia and developmental disorders. Mineral oil is a common ingredient in conventional lotions such as Eucerin, Dermabase and Vanicream and have been shown in studies to increase skin cancer tumor growth.
I know you'll love the way your skin looks and feels after a great, inexpensive, yet highly effective, all-natural dermabrasion treatment followed with an incredibly moisturizing and rebuilding mask, just a few of many recipes included in the book. My favorite quote from one of many satisfied customers really sums it all up, your skin really will feel "as soft and smoothe as a baby's bottom".
Editor Review:
"Emily Patterson's Non-Toxic Body Care and Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide are well-written, informative guides that will change your life and put some money back into your pocket. Emily's conversational tone is more like chatting with an old friend over coffee than reading a "how-to" guide, and her directions are so simple to follow that anyone can start making their own natural products immediately. She includes her own personal experiences along with thoroughly researched information, so you can rest assured that every recipe is safe as Emily has tested and used every one of them in her own life. She practices what she preaches, and makes it easy for readers to do the same. If you are looking to reduce your dependence on chemicals and feel better, save some money, or both, you can't go wrong with Emily's guides."
Jen Shoemaker, Editor
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