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Natural HomeMade Baby Body Powder Recipe
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Free Natural HomeMade Baby Body Powder Recipe
Natural baby powder is one of the easiest natural products to make. It is also far less expensive than green, or even conventional, baby body powder.
One of the many benefits of making your own baby bath products is that you can change the recipe according to the season, for example lavender for spring, lemongrass for summer, sandalwood for fall or geranium for winter.
This easy foundation recipe provides simple ingredient options and ratios for adding essential oil or food-grade fragrances. The only tools needed are a bowl, spoon, wire whisk and measuring cup. You'll also need a container for storing the finished powder. I liked wooden containers for baby powder. Wood provides a natural container that can be kept in a nursery without the risks of breaking and cuts associated with glass containers.
Mix one cup of corn starch with two or three drops of essential oils or food-grade extract in a large mixing bowl. Use no more than five drops of essential oils per one cup batch due to the risk of skin irritation caused by certain essential oils. Stir the mixture vigorously for a few minutes with a wire whisk to blend the essential oils into the corn starch. My favorite essential oil to use for children is lemongrass. It is perfectly gender-neutral base with a fresh smell without being overpowering. Add a drop of a floral fragrance, such as jasmine, for a girl and leave plain or add a drop of lime for a boy.
This powder is fantastic for an all-over body rub in the summer time to keep your baby cool and the perfect powder for baby bottoms after diaper changes. I even like it for myself with jasmine essential oil for a natural, cooling fragrance. Apply either with your hands or a small cotton cloth.
CAUTION: Always test on yourself before testing on your child. Rub a small amount of the blend on your inner forearm. If there are no signs of irritation over the next 24 hours, rub a small amount of the blend on the inner forearm of your child. If there are no signs of skin irritation over the next 24 hours, use the powder according to the recipe.